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Carrier TMS - How Does Super Dispatch Use my Location?
Carrier TMS - How Does Super Dispatch Use my Location?

How sharing your device location can help your business, who can see your location, and how Super Dispatch uses your location.

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More and more, tracking and visibility are among the top priorities for any type of freight or shipment. Tracking loads in real time to update customers or contacts on location statuses is an invaluable tool that helps Carriers, Shippers, and Brokers provide an elevated Customer Service. In Auto Transport, Super Dispatch is leading the pack in offering improved tracking and visibility from pickup to delivery.

In this article, we will answer the frequently asked questions from all sides of Auto Transport to provide you the details about what sharing your device's location means and why it's beneficial to you.

"How Does Sharing My Location Benefit Me as a Carrier or Driver?"

As a Carrier or Driver, sharing your location with Super Dispatch enables you to focus on your deliveries and less on playing phone tag, helps prevent false damage claims on pickup and delivery, provide Shippers with better data on ETAs, and is also key in building trust with your Shipper customers. All of the above leads to faster deliveries and repeat business from the Shippers you work with.

"Who Can See My Location and When?"

If the driver has elected to enable Location Services on their device, there are two types of users who can view location information:

  1. Dispatchers using the Carrier TMS when they have active loads.

  2. Shippers using the Shipper TMS, but ONLY when the status is Picked Up.

NOTE: A Driver's device location is not visible by anyone outside of the Super Dispatch Platform. If you are off-duty, or are not using Super Dispatch to process your loads, you can always turn OFF Location Services. Here is how.

Here is a more detailed overview of what Shippers using Super Dispatch can see:

  • ETA: This is the estimated date and time of when the load(s) will be delivered to the destination. This ETA is carefully calculated using live traffic and road conditions. It is not a requirement, or a concrete ETA. It is strictly an estimation.

  • Time remaining to delivery: This is the estimated time left until arriving at the destination. Again, this is purely an estimate.

  • Last time when the GPS info was received: This is the last time the GPS location was received from the driver’s device (in the example below, 26s ago)

  • Approximate Location: This is the approximate location of the driver (in this example, near Omaha, NE). You can click on the location and it will open Google Maps to show you a route on the map. This is shown assuming that the Carrier or Driver is going from their current location directly to the destination without any other drop offs on the way.

If you are off-duty, or are not using Super Dispatch to process your loads, you can always turn OFF Location Services. Here is how.

"How is My Location Being Used by Super Dispatch"

Currently Super Dispatch uses Driver Device Location in the following ways:

  • Displaying location to Dispatchers in the Carrier TMS (if loads are assigned).

  • Displaying ETA & approximate location to Shippers in the Shipper TMS.

  • Geotagging vehicle inspection photos to prevent false damage claims.

  • Finding loads posted on Super Loadboard near your location.

Whether you are a Driver, Carrier, or Dispatcher, sharing your location is built to benefit you. Please let us know if you have questions, comments, concerns, or feedback on how to improve this feature. Just click the chat icon in the lower right corner of this screen. Our dedicated Customer Support Team is always happy to help.

Thanks for using Super Dispatch!

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