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Driver App - Adding a Vehicle by Scanning a VIN
Driver App - Adding a Vehicle by Scanning a VIN

This article will describe how to add a vehicle to an order within your app by scanning a VIN's barcode.

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To add a vehicle to an order, we will start with a brand-new order and go down to the vehicle section.

Click on the Scan VIN button. This will take you to your phone's camera (Make sure you have given the Super Dispatch app permission to use your phone's camera). You will want to put your highlighted area over the VIN's barcode:

Once you have done this, the VIN should have been decoded and provided you the year, make, and model of the vehicle:

You can edit anything from this screen. Once it is all done, you can hit Save in the top right. The vehicle will be added to your order!

Below is a video that will also walk you through this process:

If you have any additional questions that need to be covered by this article, please visit our Help Center, found HERE, where you can find answers to many other features within Super Dispatch. Of course, you are more than welcome to ask the support team questions by starting a conversation on our chat line or calling us at 816-974-7002, ext. 1.

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