One of the fastest ways to locate a Load or a Vehicle inside the Super Dispatch Mobile App is to use the VIN Scanner! This allows you to start inspecting faster, and helps ensure that you are inspecting the correct vehicle.

How to find a Load or Vehicle by using the VIN Scanner

  1. Tap on the VIN Scanner Icon from the Loads Page to open the VIN Scanner

  2. Verify the VIN was captured, then tap Search.

  3. Once found, the VIN will pop up from the lower portion of the screen. The Load ID that the VIN is associated with will display at the top. From here, you have the option to either Start Pickup Inspection, or View Load Details.

    And that's how you quickly find loads, and easily ensure you are inspecting the correct vehicle!

If you have any questions, please contact Super Support by clicking the Chat Icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen! We are always happy to help! πŸ‘‹

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