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Carrier TMS - How to Edit Load Alert Notifications
Carrier TMS - How to Edit Load Alert Notifications

Want email notifications but not texts, or vice versa? This is how to manage where your notifications are going.

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You can manage what notifications the loadboard sends and where they are going. You can do it from the Loadboard Notifications button from the loadboard here:

When you click on the gear, it will take you to the Loadboard Notifications page.

Before we talk about what each option controls, we can talk about where these notifications will be received. You can toggle the following:

  • SMS - This stands for Short Message Service. In other words, it's a text message. This option toggles whether or not you will receive texts regarding this specific type of notification.

  • Email - As straightforward as it sounds. This will toggle whether your email will receive a notification or not.

  • Push - These always appear as a number in the corner of a specific button. For example, in the picture below, you can see a red number 4 on Offers in the top left corner. That means we have 4 load offers that are available to us. That is what a push notification does. In the Loadboard's case, these push notifications work with your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), alerting you to any of the options below.

Now, we will break down each option by the number listed:

  1. All Notifications - This is a simple ON/OFF button for every notification you receive from the loadboard. If you turn it off, all options below will also be turned off.

  2. Company Notifications - If you request a load, and the broker accepts your request, that return message will go to the company's Email and Phone number found within the Carrier Profile. A link is provided should you want those to go to a different location.

  3. Suggested Loads - Aside from Load Alerts, you also have Suggested Load Alerts. These are sent to you automatically and become more and more accurate as you book more loads. We recommend looking at those if you need help finding loads on your regular routes.

  4. Personal Notifications - The Load Alerts you have set in your loadboard are specific to YOUR account. If you had 2 dispatchers, your load alerts would differ from your coworkers. Since you have your notifications, you can control which email and phone number those go to within your Dispatcher Profile.

  5. Declined Requests - If you send a broker a request to pick up, and they decline your offer, where would you want those notifications to be sent? This is where you can toggle those options.

  6. Load Alerts - These are your Load Alerts as a whole. If you want to stop receiving all load alerts at once but still receive everything else, you can control that here.

    If you have any additional questions not covered by this article, please visit our Help Center found HERE, where you can find answers to many other features within Super Dispatch. Of course, you are more than welcome to ask the support team questions by starting a conversation on our chat line or calling us at 816-974-7002.

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