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Carrier TMS - How to Rate a Shipper on Super Dispatch
Carrier TMS - How to Rate a Shipper on Super Dispatch

Read below to learn how to rate the Shippers you work with on Super Dispatch via the Carrier TMS

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Note: To rate, an accepted load offer between carrier and shipper is required!

How to Rate a Shipper via the Shipper Profile in the Carrier TMS.

  1. First, you can navigate to the Shipper Profile. The easiest way to do this in the Carrier TMS is to click on their Shipper Name within the Shipper/Customer section of a Load.

2. Once you get to the Shipper's Profile, click Rate Shipper.

Select your rating. Then, select any reasons that may apply, and add any comments you feel may be necessary. (Max. of 280 characters).

4. Finally, click Submit.

Positive Ratings: will be published immediately to be seen by all Super Dispatch users.

Negative ratings: will remain in publicly visible Pending status for a 10-day waiting period before full details of the rating are revealed to all Super Dispatch users.

5. Once you submit your rating, you will see it appear in two places: First, in the top right corner of the Shipper Profile, and again in the Ratings Given by You section. You can Edit your Rating anytime by clicking on the ✏️ Edit Icon. You can also Delete your rating.

How can I see my Company's Rating?

As a Carrier on Super Dispatch, you can view your Ratings in the Profile Menu and in the Carrier Profile under the Ratings Section.

Ratings FAQ

Who Can Rate Shippers?

Owner Operators: Can rate Shippers by default from either the Super Dispatch Carrier TMS or the Mobile App. This is enabled by default if the dispatcher/driver account is Active.

Fleet Dispatchers: Are allowed to Rate by default via the Carrier TMS.

Fleet Drivers: Companies that signed up for Super Dispatch before November 16, 2021, and have 2 or more active drivers will NOT have the ability to Add or Edit ratings by default.

Drivers of the companies that signed up for Super Dispatch after November 16, 2021, will have the ability to Add or Edit ratings by default.

Driver permission to manage ratings can be managed in the Driver App section of the Settings page inside the Carrier TMS.

Can I update my Rating after I've resolved an Issue with a Shipper?

Yes! You can Edit your Rating anytime by navigating to the Shipper's Profile and clicking on the ✏️ Edit Icon in the rating section of the profile. You can also Delete your rating.

How are Rating Percentages Calculated?

  • Each Positive ratings give ONE point. Negative ratings give ZERO points.

  • Overall Rating Percent counts as Number of Positive Ratings Total Number of Ratings = Overall Percentage.

Can I respond to a carrier who leaves a rating??

Yes! The date they were submitted is right below their name. You have a few options for reaching back:

1. If you click on the company name, it will show their profile. The contact info like phone and email will be included:

2. You can click the Add Response button, and they will be notified you have messaged them through the rating. That way, they’ll have context as to why you’re reaching out:


We need your help to understand more about ratings' importance to you. If you wish to leave feedback for our product team, please submit this form. Thank you!

If you need assistance with anything else, please give our Support Team a shout by clicking the chat icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen! Thanks for using Super Dispatch! 👋

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