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Ratings feature in Super Dispatch
Ratings feature in Super Dispatch

How ratings feature works on Super Dispatch

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The Ratings feature in Super Dispatch is still under development. There are several upcoming improvements coming up that will make the experience much better for Carriers and Shippers. We need your help to understand more about what's important to you when it comes to ratings. If you wish to leave feedback for our product team, please submit this form. Thank you!

To rate, an accepted load offer between carrier and shipper is required.

What happens after I submit a rating?

Positive rating will be published immediately to be seen by all Super Dispatch users.

Negative rating will remain in publicly visible Pending status for a 10-day waiting period before full details of the rating are revealed to all Super Dispatch users.

After a rating has been submitted/edited, the rating receiver will receive an email and in-product notifications about it.

Who can rate Carriers?

Any Shipper TMS user with the Permission "Update Carrier Profile" can rate Carriers.

By default, this is any user with the user roles Admin or Dispatcher in Shipper TMS.

Who can rate Shippers?

Owner Operators: Can rate Shippers by default from either the Super Dispatch Carrier TMS or the Mobile App. This is enabled by default if the dispatcher/driver account is Active.

Fleet Dispatchers: Are allowed to Rate by default via the Carrier TMS.

Fleet Drivers: Companies that signed up for Super Dispatch prior to November 16, 2021, and have 2 or more active drivers will NOT have the ability to Add or Edit ratings by default.

Drivers of the companies that signed up for Super Dispatch after November 16, 2021, will have the ability to Add or Edit ratings by default.

Driver permission to manage ratings can be managed in the Driver App section of the Settings page inside the Carrier TMS.

Can I update my Rating after I've resolved an issue with the Carrier/Shipper?

Yes! You can edit your Rating at any time by navigating to the Carrier/Shipper's Profile and clicking on the ✏️ Edit Icon in the Ratings section of the profile. You can also Delete your rating.

How are rating percentages calculated?

  • Each Positive ratings give ONE point. Negative ratings give ZERO points.

  • Overall Rating Percent counts as: Number of Positive RatingsTotal Number of Ratings = Overall Percentage.

How can I dispute a negative rating?

Currently, Super Dispatch does not have an automated system in place for disputing negative ratings given by carriers and shippers in the Super Dispatch marketplace.

However, we do have a small team that handles these disputes manually if and when they do arise. If you feel you have been given a rating unjustly and would like our team to review it, please email our support team at [email protected]. From there, we will send you a form to fill out asking for the following information:

  • Your contact information

  • The Company name or DOT in question

  • The load ID associated with the dispute

  • Dispatch Sheet and/or BOL for the load

  • Any supporting evidence (text messages, screenshots, billing statements etc.)

  • Description of the issue

    Once all of this information is submitted to our team, please allow 10 business days for our Compliance/Arbitration team to review this dispute request. Once the dispute is completed, you will receive an email from our team informing you of the decision.

    Please take the following into account:

  • Not all rating disputes submitted will be removed. Super Dispatch reserves the right to keep any ratings submitted based on available evidence. Please provide as much documentation as possible for your submission to help strengthen your case. Disputes submitted without the requested information above are less likely to be removed from the platform

  • Please use the 10-day pending period as an opportunity to have the rating giver remove the rating themselves. Super Dispatch provides a 10-day pending window before ratings and rating comments go live. You have this amount of time to mediate the issue with your customer directly before the rating goes live and is posted to your account. Please utilize this time period so you can avoid having to submit a dispute.

  • Ratings are often retaliatory. Many companies choose to rate each other in retaliation for receiving a negative rating, or for other disagreements between parties. Please take into consideration that retaliatory ratings are frowned upon in the industry, and only lead to more issues in the future. Super Dispatch's marketplace is built on trust, and rating companies in a retaliatory manner does not build trust in the marketplace.

    Super Dispatch strives to foster a healthy marketplace environment that is fair, open, and honest, and builds trust in the marketplace. Together with these ideals in mind, we can avoid having disputes and disagreements, and can continue working together to build healthy business relationships, get paid on time, and MOVE CARS FASTER!

    If you would like to learn more about our ratings system, please review the following help articles:

    Ratings feature in Super Dispatch

If you have any questions about Ratings on Super Dispatch or need assistance with anything else, please give our Support Team a shout by clicking the chat icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen! Thanks for using Super Dispatch! 👋

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