To begin, you will want to be using the Google Chrome browser first so make sure you have this open. The Google Extension will only work on Chrome. If you do not have this downloaded to your browser, please click the link HERE and click Add to Chrome. Once you see a Super Dispatch logo in the top right of your browser, we're ready to begin!

You will need to log into your CarsArrive account first. From there, you will have a side panel with a bunch of options listed. You will want to click on My Loads:

Once there, it will show you all of your loads you currently have dispatched to you. Go ahead and search for the order you want to import into Super Dispatch.

When you find it, look to the right-most column on that order. There is a View Details button that appears as a paper symbol. You will want to click on this next:

You will now see a more in-depth view of this particular order. In the top right of the order, there will be a blue box that says Import to Super Dispatch. Click this button:

You may be prompted to answer where you want to send this load. In your case, you will want to click Carrier TMS:

Now the order should be in your CTMS! The load should have been copied from CarsArrive over to Super Dispatch.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to the support team by starting a conversation in the bottom right speech bubble or call (816)974-7002, ext. 1.

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