First, log into our Shipper TMS at

Once logged into the account, click the ... More tab at the bottom of the menu and select Reports:

Next, select the email you want the report mailed to, and select your filtering options, along with the corresponding date:

  • Filter by Creation Date will filter the loads by the date they were created

  • Filter by Accepted Date will filter the loads by the date the carrier accepted the offer

  • Filter by Scheduled Delivery Date will filter the loads by the date they were originally scheduled to be delivered when the order was created

  • Filter by Delivered On Date will filter the loads by the date the loads were actually marked delivered by the carrier

    From there, you can select a Sort By feature, and Orders status:

    Next, on the right-hand side of the page, select the fields you want to be included in the report:

    Make sure to uncheck all of the fields you do NOT want to be included in the report (the fewer fields included, the easier it is to view). To select all fields for a particular section, simply select the check box at the top of the section (e.g. above 'Report Content')

    If this is a one-time report simply click Send Report. If you'd like to save the report, select Save first and the report will be saved for future use:

    To make a new report and save, change the fields you'd like adjusted, rename the report, and select Save as New:

    Once the report has been sent to your email, you should be able to view it in Excel or Google Sheets

    Voila! You've just created your first Custom Report Shipper TMS. If you have any questions, please contact our Support team at 816-974-7002 ext 1 or click the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of the page.

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