Single sign-on, or SSO, is a sign in method that allows users to securely authenticate multiple applications and services at once using a single set of credentials. Simply put, you can use other systems to log into Super Dispatch. You can use other systems like these:

So for example, if you have all of your employees already created in Gmail, you could use those same emails and passwords within Super Dispatch too! No need to create all of your employees accounts over again!

So how do we set this up?

You will need to begin with contacting the Super Dispatch support team. To request permission to use SSO, it will be found in your Settings section, under General:

At the top is the Contact Support to Add Domain button. Click that, and the support team will reach out to you!

Once support has enabled this feature for you, the Contact Support button will change to Set Up SSO:

Click on this button and it will ask what system you want to integrate with. Once you select this system, you will be prompted with setup instructions. Follow the step-by-step process until it has informed you that it has connected with Super Dispatch. After this is completed, a new button will be displayed in your Settings, allowing you to manage your integration:

Now the integration is complete! Now when users are logging into the STMS, they will see a Single Sign-On button below the Log In fields:

When you click on Single Sign-On, you must enter your work mail that you normally would with your newly integrated system, and it will grant you access, just like logging in with a Super Dispatch account!

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to Super Support!

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