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Shipper TMS - Using the Customer Portal
Shipper TMS - Using the Customer Portal

How to login, use, and understand the Customer Portal

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What is it?

The Customer Portal is how you can stay up to date with loads that your shipper is dispatching. If you are wondering where your load currently is, what status it's in, load pricing, or the ability to run a report on all loads they have done with you, the customer portal can help.

Logging In

We will start from the main website:

In the top right is the Log in button. Hover over this and select the Shipper Login.

From here, you will input your login credentials given by your shipper:

Once you've typed that out, click Log In.

How to Use It

When you begin, you may not have any loads in your account. The column on the left-hand side may show zero orders across the board. That's okay! This will certainly change once the shipper begins moving loads for you.

As you can see, we have 4 main categories:

Each one of these categories performs a specific function which we will cover in detail down below.


Simply put, this section is meant to alert you to any changes that have been made to your orders. If some time has passed since last logging in, you may want to check this section to become up to date on what has changed.


When it comes to status of an order, it reads top to bottom:

As it goes through the delivery process, it will begin in New and make it's way down towards Completed. Here is a brief description of what each status represents:

  • All = A complete list of all orders in your Customer Portal. They will be sorted by most recently edited at the top.

  • New = Orders that have been created but do not have a carrier dispatched yet.

  • Submitted = Orders created by you. They will be sent to the shipper so they can begin the moving process.

  • Scheduled = A carrier has been dispatched the load. The driver now has eyes on it and is on their way.

  • Picked up = The carrier has picked up the order.

  • Delivered = The carrier has delivered the order.

  • Completed = The order has been finished and paid for.

  • Canceled = A carrier was selected but something came up that required the shipper to cancel the offer. They will have to look for another carrier again.

  • Deleted = Orders that have been removed.

If we were to have a load in our system, it would look something like this:

This is the card view and gives us a basic summary of the order information. If we click on the Order ID, it will take us inside the load:

This will give us more details on the load, giving us pricing info, vehicle info, dates and activity, additional attachments, etc.


This is related to the ability to create loads and submit them to your shipper (see How to Submit an Order to your Shipper towards the bottom of this article). When you are creating loads, you can save yourself some time! Instead of having to type out the pickup and delivery information every time by hand, you can save them here. This way, when you are typing out the business name, they will appear in your autofill list:

Then you just click on their name, and all their information will fill out for you!


This is where you can generate a spreadsheet with all of your load information.

If it's a field in an order, you can export it here! Just pick and choose what information you want in your report, then email it in the top right.

How to Submit an Order to your Shipper

This is a feature the shipper will have to enable with your Customer Portal. If you have this button, you can submit orders into your shipper from here:

Within here, you can fill out information regarding the load. It will ask for an Order ID, Vehicle info, Pickup and Delivery locations, etc:

Fill this out and then click Save and Submit in the top right. That will be sent in to your shipper for them to dispatch!

That's everything Customer Portal! If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to Super Support within the chat line in the bottom right of your screen, or call 816-974-7002.

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