Note: To begin adding an attachment to the Carrier TMS we will need to log in. If you are having issues logging in please check out: What If I Forgot My Password to the Carrier TMS

Now that we are logged into the Carrier TMS we will find our load that needs the attachment. You can search for the load if it is not displayed already like this:

Once we have found the load we need to link our attachments to we will click on the Load ID button.

Next, we will be on the load page. Attachments are on the right side. To upload we can either drag and drop the file from our desktop or click the upload button and search for the file:

The pop-up window will open and you will select the correct file to upload.

Once the file is uploaded successfully it will be displayed under the upload button like this:

That is it! You have uploaded your first attachment and now know how to do this in the future. Next, you may want to learn about adding these attachments to BOL's.

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