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Becoming a Verified Carrier
Verified Carrier - Intrastate Carriers
Verified Carrier - Intrastate Carriers

Operating only in Texas, California, or Florida? Read this article to find out how to get verified.

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Let's say you're a carrier operating intrastate only & you'd like to become verified on Super Dispatch so you can use the load board. Luckily this is possible, with one caveat: we can only verify carriers which have active authority with the FMCSA to haul cargo interstate. If you intend to only take loads within your state that is fine, but in order to be verified with us you will need to have that interstate authority in addition to your state's authority.

We know not every carrier will have an MC letter of authority from the FMCSA (especially those who only haul within their home state) so we do accept a handful of alternatives to that letter. This article will go over those alternatives.

  1. State of California - CA Motor Carrier Permit

    This permit is issued by the state of CA & grants permission to operate "for hire" in intrastate commerce.

  2. State of Texas - Texas DMV Certificate

    This certificate is issued by the state of TX & grants permission to operate in intrastate commerce.

  3. State of Florida - MCMIS Letter

    The state of Florida issues these letters to carriers who have met the requirements of becoming an intrastate carrier there.

    note: while these documents are acceptable materials to verify your Super Dispatch account they are not the equivalent of interstate operating authority issued by the FMCSA. You will need to have active authority with the FMCSA in order for us to verify you.

If you have questions or concerns about the carrier compliance, please email our support team at [email protected].

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