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Verified Carrier - Why can't my documents be verified?
Verified Carrier - Why can't my documents be verified?

This article will explain why your company's documents cannot be verified through Super Dispatch's compliance monitoring process

Updated over a week ago

Currently, Super Dispatch's Compliance process can only accurately and securely verify US-based interstate haulers, meaning that if you are an intrastate, driveaway, tow company, or a Canadian carrier, we currently do not have a process to securely monitor your authority status.

Super Dispatch currently uses a 3rd party monitoring system that can ONLY verify US-based Interstate carriers.

If you have gotten a message through our Verification system that your documents cannot be processed, it may be that your company type or business location does not meet the requirements for compliance monitoring with the tools we currently have available.

Super Dispatch welcomes all carrier types to our platform to utilize our software, but unfortunately at this time only Interstate carriers can be verified and monitored. However, you can still book loads off the loadboard with shippers who manually mark your carrier profile Approved and/or Preferred:

If marked Approved by a Shipper - you can Request and Bid on loads

If marked Preferred by a Shipper - you can Book Now (Instant Book), and Request and Bid on loads

To request Approved/Preferred status for a certain shipper, simply reach out to the shipper and inquire about how to get approved by them.

If you have any more questions and/or concerns about Verified Carrier or requesting to bid/book loads on the Super Loadboard, please send us an email at [email protected] or send us through the chat feature in the lower right-hand corner of your account.

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