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Shipper TMS - Central Dispatch Posting Delay FAQ
Shipper TMS - Central Dispatch Posting Delay FAQ

Your questions about the Central Dispatch delay, answered.

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As you may be aware if you are a Shipper TMS user, posting to Central is not an instantaneous process. In fact all outbound posts to Central Dispatch are delayed by a minimum of 30 minutes. We do this for a variety of reasons that will be covered in this FAQ.

Q: Why is the delay in place?

A: We know that at first the delay may seem like an inconvenience to most users. The reason that we do it is that it presents several key advantages to Shipper TMS users.

At the top of the list is automation. Dispatching with Central is a manual process involving phone calls & extra clicks. With Super Dispatch you post an order, receive a bid or request, & dispatch. We want all of our customers to fully enjoy this streamlined booking process & posting loads to our platform first gives your vehicles a better chance of being picked up on the Super Loadboard.

In addition, more carriers booking your loads through Super = reducing your costs. More VINs moved through Super that don't get posted to Central lowers your Central Dispatch costs, adding up to more savings back in your pocket.

With the delay in place loads are also more likely to get picked up by trusted carriers; Super Dispatch thoroughly vets all carriers who use the load board with our Verified Carrier program. We are confident in our verification process & shippers/brokers from across North America trust the Verified Carrier badge. You can learn more about what's required to become verified here.

Q: Can I change the length of the delay?

A: Yes! We encourage our shipper customers to extend the length of the delay by as much as they are comfortable with. The more time a load is exclusively shown on Super the more likely it is to be picked up by a carrier through Super, making the process easier for you.

Q: My loads appear on the load board with an "Exclusive" tag in them. Why?

A: The Exclusive tag lets carriers know that the load they're looking at right now is ONLY available through Super Dispatch. The tag is applied to all loads before they're sent to Central after 30 minutes to be posted. This is to let carriers know that there are loads on Super that they can't find anywhere else, and they ought to grab them up before they're shown to a wider audience on other load boards.

Q: If I make an edit to my load's details before 30 minutes has elapsed, will it be reflected in Central Dispatch?

A: Yes. We do not send the load to central until the 30 minutes has elapsed, so you have that much time to make revisions to the VIN, addresses, contacts, you name it.

Q: Will my load remain on Central if I send an offer to a carrier?

A: No, once an offer is made to a carrier using Shipper TMS that load is automatically unposted from both load boards.

Make sure to check back here for updates to this article as time goes on, & if you have any questions please chat us in support using the Intercom bubble (bottom right) or by calling +1 (816) 974-7002.

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