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Carrier TMS - How to Change your Company Email
Carrier TMS - How to Change your Company Email

How to change the email on your BOLs, where your load offers and company notifications are going.

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What is a Company Email?

Your company's email address has many purposes. It will...

  • Direct where your load offers are sent. Those with access to this email can accept offers and assign drivers on behalf of the company.

  • Appear on your bills of lading. Your customers will have this email as a point of contact.

  • Direct where your company notifications go, such as load notices on pickup and delivery.

  • Direct any important information regarding your active subscription. If you are paying for the system, any situations about billing will be sent here.

NOTE: The company email is separate from your ability to log into the website and mobile app. Changing the company email will not effect any users' logins.

How to Change your Company Email

If you are wanting to change this email, you will want to log into the website. From there, click the company icon in the bottom left, the Carrier Profile:

Once in the Carrier Profile, you will want to click on the Contact Info tab on the left:

The email field found here is going to be your company's representative email address. Replace the current email with any email you wish, then click Save once you are done.

As always, if you have any more questions about this topic, feel free to start a chat line or reach out to Super Support at (816)974-7002, extension 1.

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