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Shipper TMS - How do I get started with SuperPay?
Shipper TMS - How do I get started with SuperPay?

This article will show how to get set up SuperPay within your Shipper TMS, so you can pay your carriers!

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What is SuperPay?

SuperPay is the integrated payments feature on Super Dispatch, allowing Carriers to receive automated payments from Shippers. SuperPay provides Shippers and Brokers the convenience of friction-free payments, with all the controls necessary to manage any exceptions.

As the first "out-of-the-box" carrier payments solution, SuperPay takes care of the most demanding aspects of the carrier payment process, allowing Shippers and Brokers to reclaim their time to focus on what’s most important - moving cars faster.

With a one-time setup, Shippers and Brokers can pay their carriers through the Super Dispatch platform without exchanging any paperwork or bank details!

Through Digital Delivery Verification, SuperPay triggers the payment process as soon as your carrier digitally confirms that the right vehicles were picked up and delivered at the right location without any damages using the Super Dispatch Driver App.

No more carrier phone calls, questions on when payment will be sent, or having carriers wait for extended periods of time to get paid with outdated payment methods.

Connect SuperPay with QuickBooks (via Zapier) or any other software through Super Dispatch APIs to automate double entry away for good.

How Do I Set up SuperPay?

First things first! If you want to begin using SuperPay, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive. They will provide all the info you will need to begin using SuperPay, such as benefits, pricing, and learning how it works.

SuperPay can be set up within the Shipper TMS, under the company icon in the very bottom left of your screen:

Once you click on this, you will see our banner that walks through what value SuperPay brings, as well as a quick rundown on how to integrate with it. Give this a read, then click on Set up SuperPay.

Once you click on it, you will arrive to a page that looks like this:

This is where you will input basic information about your company, like the name, business type, address, etc.

Then, be sure to read the terms and conditions for using SuperPay. Please read to acknowledge you agree, then click Continue.

Next will be more information about your company, specifically the company owner, or representative who will be owning the SuperPay process. This information is required for due diligence and business verification as described by our payments processor ( here.

Note: To enable payments, we are legally required to collect the information below. Super Dispatch does not store this information and is only used to verify the business.

Fill all this out, then press Continue. The representative should appear like so:

If you want another owner/representative listed as the authority for SuperPay, you can click Add another owner, or a representative. It will ask the same questions as before. You can add as many as you like! Once done, click Continue.

Now, for the bank account, you will be paying from. You will fill out the relevant information found here:

Double-check and make sure that everything is spelled correctly. Please ensure that there are no typos within the account numbers. Any mistakes may cost time in verifying your bank!

If it all looks good, click Submit.

You will then get a page stating that the micro-transactions have been initiated:

How to verify micro transactions?

You must check your bank statements for small transactions from {Your Account Business Name} AcctVerify ID: SUPERD. These can take several business hours and up to 2 business days to appear and will look like this:

Once you have them, you will go back to the SuperPay section of your Shipper TMS and click on Verify Bank Account found here:

You will submit the two micro transactions you have received down below, in any order:

NOTE: BE CAREFUL WHEN SUBMITTING THESE NUMBERS! We recommend writing them down and then coming back to Super Dispatch to enter them.

Once you have typed them out and double-checked the numbers are correct, click Verify.

Your next page should take you to the SuperPay page again.

Once both your Bank Account and Business Account are verified, you are good to use SuperPay as your Payment Method & Term!

Of course, if you have any questions about the SuperPay process, you can certainly contact Super Dispatch support by clicking on the chat line in the bottom right or call us at (816)974-7002, ext 1!

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