How Does a SuperPay Load Work?

Once you have completed the SuperPay Onboarding process by verifying your business details and bank account, you will see a new Payment Term when you are creating an order in the Shipper TMS:

Choose this option and once the order is saved, you should see a colorful logo next to the Carrier Price:

Flow of Funds

With SuperPay, the lifecycle of a carrier payment closely follows the usual lifecycle of an order. As transport related events are recorded in Super Dispatch by your carriers, payment events are subsequently triggered on your behalf so that you are able to pay your carrier at the soonest possible moment after delivery. As the carrier updates the order throughout the transport process, SuperPay will trigger the necessary even related to the payment process without any need for intervention on your part.

Below is a high-level diagram of SuperPay's flow of funds:

Flow of Funds (Pickup): Shipper ➡️ SuperPay

The SuperPay payment process starts as soon as the Carrier has Picked Up the order using Super Dispatch.

Picked Up Status - SuperPay Charged

Shipper’s Bank Account is debited in the amount of the Total Carrier Price of the SuperPay order. You will also see an event in the Activity Log called SuperPay Charge Initiated:

SuperPay Charge Initiated

This means that SuperPay has debited the connected bank account, and the debit transaction is processing.

This initial debit transaction will take 2 business days to complete. Once the debit transaction is completed, you will see an update in the Activity Log of the Shipper TMS which will confirm that the debit transaction is complete, SuperPay Charged.

SuperPay Charged - this means that the funds debited from the connect bank account have successfully been transferred to the SuperPay intermediary wallet. Funds are held in the SuperPay intermediary wallet indefinitely until the Carrier has Delivered the SuperPay order.

Flow of Funds (Delivery): SuperPay ➡️ Carrier

When the Carrier has Delivered the SuperPay order, one of two events will follow via automation:

  1. The payment to the Carrier is scheduled to begin processing in 48 hours. (Payment Initiated)

  2. The payment to the Carrier is put On Hold (Payment On Hold)

Automated Payment

If the Payment Initiated status appears after Delivered status, this means that the payment to the Carrier is scheduled to begin processing in 48 hours. If payment is not placed on hold, then the Carrier Payment will initiate 48 hours after delivery, and the Carrier will receive the payment within 1 business day later.

Arbitration Window

There may be some cases where a Carrier passed Digital Delivery Verification and the payment to the carrier was initiated automatically, but the shipper still needs to put the payment on hold. As the Shipper, there is a two day (48 hour) Arbitration Period which allows you to place a Carrier’s payment on hold, even after the payment has been scheduled via Digital Delivery Verification.

After placing a payment on hold, the payment to the carrier will need to be manually initiated once you have resolved any issues which caused the hold. See below for more.

Manually Initiating Payment

If a payment is ever put on hold, regardless of Digital Delivery Verification failure by the carrier, OR if you manually put the payment on hold, then you will need to manually Initiate Payment to the carrier once you have verified delivery as necessary.

To manually initiate payment, click the Initiate Payment button. You can do this from the Order Details view, or the Orders card view.

Order Details View:

Order List View:

If you have any questions about the SuperPay process, you can certainly contact Super Dispatch support by clicking on the chat line in the bottom right or call us at (816)974-7002, ext 1!

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