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Shipper TMS - How to check a carrier's Verification in Super Dispatch
Shipper TMS - How to check a carrier's Verification in Super Dispatch

This article will explain how you can check a carrier's verified carrier documents via Carrier Profile in the Shipper TMS

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When logged into the Shipper TMS, you can quickly look up and check on a carrier's verified carrier status. Log into your Shipper TMS account and click the Manage Carriers section on the sidebar menu:

Here you will be able to see a list of all your carriers and their associated statuses (Approved, Preferred, Certificate Holder, Insurance Expired, Blocklisted & Internal):

If you are trying to search for a specific carrier, search their DOT number in the search bar at the top, and open their Carrier Profile:

Here you will see whether or not the carrier is Verified and their Company Assessment, which will show the status of their Verified Carrier application:

Authority: If the carrier has a green checkmark next to Authority, this means that their DOT number has been cross-checked with the FMCSA's carrier database and is considered active and approved to haul cargo. If they are NOT authorized, you will see a yellow warning symbol (see above) NOT AUTHORIZED.

It is not recommended to dispatch loads to any carriers who are not authorized by the FMCSA*

Super Dispatch also checks for a valid USDOT certificate, W9 Form, and valid Cargo Insurance. If the carrier has uploaded these files to their account, you can click the links to each file to view them in your web browser.

Details on the Carrier's Assessment will be listed below:

You can also use the Internal Records feature to mark carriers Approved and Preferred, as well as hold their insurance on file for your records:

The internal status of the carrier will then be displayed at the top of their carrier profile for you to view easily:

For more information about our Verified Carrier process for carriers, please check the following articles:

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Uploading documents (mobile)

If you have any other questions or comments on the Verified Carrier process, feel free to shoot Support an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 816-974-7002.

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