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SuperPay - Carrier Payment Statuses & Activity Log Events
SuperPay - Carrier Payment Statuses & Activity Log Events

Lean about all the insightful SuperPay statuses & Activity Log Events in the Carrier TMS

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As a Carrier, you will have visibility on any and all payment statuses available for any SuperPay Order that you have accepted or booked. These statuses will allow you and your company to know exactly what is going on with your payment, and allow you to quickly and efficiently resolve any issues that may arise. We’ll cover those Payment Statuses below!

As the load moves through it's cycle, you will see updates about the status of the payment. We'll cover the terms you will see as it moves forward:

Payment is expected on:

  • This status will give you visibility on when payment is estimated to be received in the account by the date provided. (This is estimated based on the business days available for the transaction to complete).

Payment received on:

  • This means that the Payment to the Carrier’s connected bank account is completed.

Payment On Hold:

  • There are many reasons as to why the payment could have been put on hold. The specific reason can be viewed by simply by hovering over the grey circular symbol to the right of the tag. Learn how to view On Hold Reasons Here

  • You can also contact the shipper directly to see if there is any action they need from you as the carrier.

If you have any questions about the SuperPay process, you can certainly contact Super Dispatch support by clicking on the chat line in the bottom right or call us at (816)974-7002.

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