A micro deposit is a very small transaction sent to your bank account to confirm it for the use of our new SuperPay payments service in Super Dispatch. Super Dispatch uses a 3rd party payments service provider to process SuperPay payments. In order to validate your bank account with our 3rd party provider, our system will send you a set of microdeposits to your bank account. First access your Carrier Profile and select SuperPay > Set Up to get started:

Once you click Set Up SuperPay, you will need to fill out your business details, including Name, EIN (Employment Identification Number), and Routing and Account Number. Once all of this information has been successfully uploaded, our system will automatically send you a set of micro-deposits. Once that is done, you will see the following message:

How to verify micro-deposits?

It will take 1-2 business days for the micro-deposits to reach your account. Once they arrive in your bank account, they will look like this:

The microdeposits will be here:

Take those deposit amounts and enter them exactly how they are shown above in your Super Dispatch SuperPay verification section with your Carrier Profile section of your Carrier TMS:

Select Verify Bank Account:

Enter the micro-deposits in the section below exactly as they show in your bank account:

Click verify and you'll be good to go!

If the micro-deposit submission was successful, your account will show Verified. If not you will receive a validation error. Please note: You only have two attempts to submit these deposits correctly. If you fail to attempt to verify the account twice, please contact Super Dispatch Customer Support for further instructions.

For more information on SuperPay, please visit our help center and view the following articles:

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