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Shipper TMS - Troubleshooting Posting to Central Dispatch
Shipper TMS - Troubleshooting Posting to Central Dispatch

The top reasons why your loads won't post to Central Dispatch

Updated over a week ago

If you are having issues posting loads to Central Dispatch, we recommend looking for these things:

  1. Double-check your Central UID is correct. The UID is a unique code provided by CD, so if anything else is entered here, this will prevent your posts from making it to CD. Learn how to get your UID here

  2. Make sure that your Central Dispatch Login, and Central Dispatch Password are correct. If you need to, or have recently changed your Login and/or Password on CD, you should update that here at the same time.

  3. Repost the load in question and wait 1 hour. Check Central Dispatch for the load afterward and see if it has appeared. Also, check to see if it's on the Super Loadboard too.

  4. Check the company email associated with your Central Dispatch. If Central is having trouble receiving your post, they tend to send emails with error codes. This could help explain what to do!

  5. Check the zip code on Shipper TMS and CD side. Sometimes, Central has issues with the ZIP code and won't post the load. Typically the ZIP & locality must match 1:1 in Super Dispatch with Central Dispatch. If they do not (like in the example) this is known to cause issues with posting.

  6. Check if VIN could decode on the CD side. Same as #4, Central can prevent posting for this as well.

  7. Avoid unique symbols in your order fields. Keeping it strictly to letters and numbers is the safest bet. If Central doesn't recognize a symbol, it may not post.

  8. Check the number of characters you have in your Order ID. Using the email integration (Central UID), you are limited to 10 characters. If you are using the web integration (Email and Password), you are limited to 40 characters.

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