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How to Display a User's Contact Information to a Carrier
How to Display a User's Contact Information to a Carrier

This article will explain how to display your dispatcher's contact information on the Carrier side for better communication between parties

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When a carrier opens the Super Loadboard, typically they will see your company's main contact number. This can often lead to Carriers calling the wrong person to book the load which can lead to confusion and miscommunication between parties. Now carriers can view the contact information of the dispatcher who created the load. This will cut down on unnecessary phone calls and miscommunications between Carrier and Shippers, and help move cars faster!

To add a dispatcher's contact information to a load, first, you must create the dispatcher's profile from the Manage Users section of the Shipper TMS:

Next, select "Add User" and fill out the dispatcher's profile, check the "Display user contact info to carriers" checkbox and click "Save"

Once the user has been added, any loads they create will auto-populate their name, email, and phone number on the following pages:

Load details inside Super Loadboard:

Load Offer page:

Loads list section of Carrier TMS:

Load details page of Carrier TMS:

Dispatch sheet for the load:

We hope this update will help speed up the booking process with our carriers! If you have any questions or concerns about this feature, please reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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