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Automated vs. Manual SuperPay Flow
Automated vs. Manual SuperPay Flow

This article will explain the differences and benefits to using the Automated or Manual SuperPay Flow

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In Super Dispatch you now have the ability to select "Manual" SuperPay flow in your Shipper TMS account. This feature gives you the option to manually verify delivered loads, and release SuperPay payments for those loads.

Automated SuperPay Flow:

Automatically Charged: SuperPay will automatically charge your bank account after the Delivery based on the payment terms of the order

Funds Released after Digital Delivery Verification: Funds will automatically be released to the carrier upon successful Digital Delivery verification

Payment Put on Hold when Issues are detected: Payment will be automatically put on hold when potential issues are detected

Automated SuperPay workflow is ideal for small teams who need the system to take care of manual payment processing. This enables one person to handle hundreds of payments and get involved only for exceptions.

Manual SuperPay Flow:

Charge Triggered by Shipper: All charges from the shipper's account and payments to the carrier are manually triggered by the shipper

Mark as delivery verified for payment to be initiated: Dispatchers have to mark orders as 'Delivery Verified' in order to allow for payments to be initiated

Manually release payments: Digital Delivery verification does NOT release funds to carriers

Manual SuperPay workflow is ideal for large teams where dispatcher and accounting teams need a proper handoff and full control over payments.

*Note* This feature can only be used by users who have the Manual Superpay feature turned on for their account. Contact [email protected] if you have more questions about getting that set up!

Once Manual SuperPay Flow has been enabled, this will give dispatchers the ability to mark orders as Delivery Verified to signal to other team members (like accounting) that the load has been verified and is ready to issue payment.

You can select loads individually, or in bulk to mark them as Delivery Verified:

Once the orders have been marked, you will see the status of the loads change, and the loads will populate in the Delivery Verified category in the order status column on the left-hand side of the Shipper TMS account:

These orders will also populate in the Delivery Verified section of the SuperPay order status column, which you can then select to send SuperPay Now, even if the load's order status is not marked as SuperPay:

Select SuperPay Now:

The payment method will then be changed to SuperPay:

Once the order is marked Delivery Verified, and SuperPay Now has been initiated, the load's status will show SuperPay Charged:

You can also do this action in bulk:

If the load has been marked as Delivery Verified, but your accounting team needs to put the payment on hold for some reason, these loads can also be marked as Payment On Hold from the drop-down menu:

The system will ask you for a reason for the hold:

Once changed, the load status will be updated accordingly. This reason will also be displayed to the carrier:

We hope you find these changes to pour SuperPay flow beneficial! if you have any questions about SuperPay, please feel free to contact our Support team at [email protected]

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