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Driver App - Send Status Updates to Brokers and Shippers
Driver App - Send Status Updates to Brokers and Shippers

Drivers can easily send load status notifications through the mobile app to avoid unnecessary calls from Brokers and Shippers

Updated over a week ago

You can avoid unnecessary calls, texts, and emails from Brokers and Shippers about the status of a load; you can use Super Dispatch app to Send Status Updates.

When you tap the Send Status Update button inside the an order in the Mobile App, the Shipper / Broker will receive this information:

  • Load ID

  • Your company name

  • Current location (City, State, Zip)

  • Current time (central standard time)

  • Estimated miles remaining till the delivery location

Sample Email:

Reminder: A copy of the Bill of Lading (BOL) will not be included in the status update email. Please use the Share BOL function of the mobile app to send a copy of the BOL.

Status updates will be sent to the email address listed in the Broker/Shipper section of the load:

If your Send Status Update button is greyed out (disabled) or not visible, please ensure your load has a valid Load ID number and Broker/Shipper email address.


How to turn on/off this feature

The Status Updates button can be easily turned on and off by going to the Profile screen, then going to the app's Settings screen and tapping on the toggle.


Your privacy is essential to us. We send your current location ONLY when you tap the Send Status Update button. One time. Super Dispatch will NOT track your location. You are in total control of this feature.

Please make sure to have the latest version of the App from the app store.

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