The Super Dispatch Dashboard not only allows you to assign orders to your company Drivers, but also to add and remove them from your company driver list (as well as monthly subscription) as needed. 

The process we outline here should happen BEFORE your driver downloads the app.

To add a Driver: 

First the Dispatcher will:

  • Log into your Dashboard
  • Click on "Drivers" on the top of the screen (which will bring up a list of all of your existing Drivers)
  • Click on the blue "Add Driver" button to create a new Driver account
  • Type your Driver's full name
  • Type a valid email that the Driver has access to. This needs to be a real email that the Driver can access when he needs to.
  • Type the phone number for the phone that your driver will use to access Super Dispatch. 

  • Type the other relevant information

Now, on your dashboard you will see "Activation Pending." 

This means that a notification email and text has been sent to the Driver's email and phone number. 

The Driver will: 

  • Click the links in either the text or email he receives that instruct him to "access your loads:"
  • Then he will create or "set" a password for his Mobile Account:
  • Create or "set" a password.
  • Click "Confirm."
  • Then he will be prompted to open the Super Dispatch app.
  • IF the Driver has not downloaded Super Dispatch phone application already, it will prompt him to download it from the App Store or Google Play Store:
  • He will press "get" or "download."
  • Once the app is downloaded, he will press "open."

Now your Driver's phone app is linked to your Super Dispatch account and you will be able to dispatch loads to him.

For More About Removing Drivers, Click Here: 

IMPORTANT: You will be creating the Login email and Password for your Driver's Mobile App - so be sure to save this information elsewhere. Your Driver will need to use these Login credentials to access the Mobile App. Be sure to complete all necessary fields. Remember: Make sure you write down your drivers Login email and Password.

Once you have added a new Driver, please have your Driver download Super Dispatch App and Login using the credentials you had created.

Copy and Send this link to your Driver to download Super Dispatch App:


iPhone / iPad

Drivers can also be sorted by alphabetical order. There is also a search box allowing you to search for a driver in your database even with limited information.

Note: It is important that every driver email address used is a valid email address in the event that 'Forgot Password' is needed. An invalid email will never receive an email generated by the 'Forgot Password' action.

If you need Help or further assistance, please contact Support chat on the bottom right of the screen.

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