How to set up your Super Dispatch Dashboard

Step by step guide to setting up the Carrier TMS dashboard

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It's easy to get started with Super Dispatch!

Once logged into your dashboard, follow these 5 steps to get started.  If you need help, use the chat icon in the bottom-right of your screen for help or use our library of video tutorials. 


By clicking your business name on the lower left hand sidebar you will be able to select "Carrier Profile." From this screen you will be able to set up your company information as you want it to appear on your bill of ladings and invoices. To complete your professional profile on Super Dispatch, you can also upload your company logo which will be shown on your bill of landings and billing contact information for your customers.


Settings will allow you to customize your account.

Items found in settings:
• General settings
• Terminals
• Driver App
• Billing
• Factoring
• Quickbooks Integration
• Subscription Details
• Notification Emails
• Loadboard Notifications


You can add, deactivate and remove drivers from this screen. Please note that our plans adjust based on number of drivers you have saved on Super Dispatch.

To add a driver click "Add Driver" and fill out the required information.

IMPORTANT!  The email you save for your driver's profile will be the same email they use to log into their Super Dispatch mobile app!  If your driver does not login using the email provided they will not see the loads you assign to them. 

Here is a tutorial on how to manage drivers to help.


Contacts makes it easy for you to quickly move through the order creation process. Once a contact is stored, their information auto-populates moving forward to easily send invoices and bill of landings. 

You can easily upload your list of contacts from other sources. Here is a GUIDE on how to do it.

NOTE: If you use QuickBooks Online or Desktop you can sync your contacts from QuickBooks.  Please view the QuickBooks tab to learn more. 


Creating orders is easy! There are 4 ways to create an order. 

  1. Our Google Chrome Extension (you must be using Chrome browser). After install, you will see 'Import to Super Dispatch' button when you are inside websites such as Central Dispatch, Cars Arrive Network, RAT, Carmax, etc..(full list in your settings page). Learn more here.

2. Uploading PDF files by clicking on Import Load button from your Loads screen.

3. By emailing PDF files to the custom email address listed at the bottom of your settings page.

4. By manually filling in the information after you click on blue Create Load button.

Now that you've created an order- you are ready to assign it to a driver.   If your driver is logged into the mobile app with the credentials you passed to him/her, they will automatically get a notification that a new load has been assigned.  

That's it! You have created an order and assigned it to a driver. You are now ready to move a load with Super Dispatch! 



Reports allows you to create a spreadsheet for all activity between the dates and drivers you choose.  Simply select the data you want to see and press the blue export button.  You will receive an email with a spreadsheet attached.  Reports also allows you to calculate driver pay by percentage for selected dates.


 The GPS Tracking tab allows you to see within a few minutes of where your drivers location is.  Click 'add drivers' and select who you want to track.  They will receive a notification asking them to turn on location for Super Dispatch.  Move you cursor over the driver you want to see and their address will pop up and the map will magnify to show their location.


Trip planning allows you to drag and drop several orders (loads) into a 'trip' for a driver and assign it to them.  You can then track the progress of a trip. 

If you have questions about the getting started or anything else Super Dispatch, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team. We are always more than happy to assist in any way we can! You can reach us by either clicking the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner, emailing us at [email protected], or by calling +1 (816) 974-7002. We hope you have a fantastic rest of your day 😎 and again, thanks for choosing Super Dispatch! The faster way to move cars 🚛

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