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Shipper TMS - All About Digital Delivery Verification
Shipper TMS - All About Digital Delivery Verification

Learn about Digital Delivery Verification for SuperPay Orders

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What is Digital Delivery Verification?

Digital Delivery Verification is a system of automated checks that are completed when a Carrier processes a load dispatched with SuperPay Payment Terms. It ensures that the Carrier performed pickup/delivery inspection correctly, obtained signatures, and did so in the correct locations. This allows you as the Shipper to automatically initiate the payment to the carrier after delivery.

Why is it needed?

Digital Delivery Verification allows you to automate your delivery verification process when a vehicle is transported by a carrier. It’s a way to reduce the need of having to be hands on to verify delivery for each and every order.

There may be checks that you need to verify that Digital Delivery Verification does not yet cover, like odometer entry, or other specific checks.

If you need to complete these additional checks, you may put payments on hold manually during the 2 Business Day arbitration window included with Digital Delivery Verification.

Digital Delivery Verification is only available for loads that have been dispatched to a carrier using the SuperPay Payment method.

How does it work?

Digital Delivery Verification allows you to automatically schedule payouts to your Carriers. It’s an additional layer of checks that piggy-backs on the existing Advanced Inspection Type.

When a Shipper creates an order with SuperPay Payment method, the inspection type on the order will default to Advanced + Digital Delivery Verification and cannot be changed.

When carrier picks-up/delivers the load, Digital Delivery Verification will verify the following:

  1. Driver’s location is within 1 mile radius of Pickup/Delivered address.

  2. Driver completed Advanced Vehicle Photo Inspection (6 photos required) at Pickup and Delivery locations

  3. Driver scanned vehicle VIN to start vehicle inspection at Pickup and Delivery location.

  4. Driver obtained signatures at both Pickup and Delivery location, and signatures were collected within 1 mile radius of Pickup/Delivery address

  5. Carrier did NOT mark new damages at delivery.

If one of these conditions is not met, the payment will automatically go to the status Payment On Hold.

You as the Shipper will then be required to manually Initiate Payment to the Carrier from Shipper TMS once you have truly verified delivery.

What about Touchless Signature, STI, and Customer Not Available?

How do those fit into the Digital Delivery Verification process?

Essentially, if STI or Customer Not Available is used, then payment will be put on hold. You as the Shipper will be required to initiate payment to the Carrier manually from Shipper TMS.

If Touchless Signature is used, Payment will also be put on hold.

Warning notifications shown to carriers that payment could be put On-Hold

Manually Initiating Payment

If a Payment is ever put on hold, you will need to manually Initiate Payment to the carrier once you have verified delivery as necessary. You can do this by clicking into the order’s details and then clicking the Initiate Payment button.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about SuperPay please start a chat with our Support Team.

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