Approved Carrier status is designed for shippers who want to monitor carrier compliance on their own. Inside the Shipper TMS, the shipper has the option to see if the carrier is "Verified Carrier" meaning that the carrier has been verified by Super Dispatch to have an active USDOT authority, W-9, and Cargo Insurance. All those documents are available within the carrier profile to review. However, if the shipper would like to monitor the carrier's status manually Approved carrier status can help with that.

Approved Carrier checkbox adds an "Approved" label to the carrier's profile. It's just a simple label that could help the shipper to differentiate carriers who they have verified, onboarded, and/or have done business with.

Preferred Carrier checkbox adds a "Preferred" label to the carrier's profile and allows the carrier to instantly book loads posted by the shipper in the Super Loadboard. Learn more HERE.

Insurance Certificate Holder checkbox adds a "Certificate Holder" label to indicate that the shipper is listed as a certificate holder in carrier's insurance policy. Shipper can also set an expiration date and upload the actual insurance certificate for internal purposes. When insurance expiration date passes "Expired Insurance" label is added to prevent sending load offers to carriers with expired insurance.

Blocklist checkbox adds a "Blocklisted" label to indicate that there is an outstanding issue with that carrier. It also does not allow the carrier to book or request any loads inside the Super Loadboard.

For companies with internal compliance team:

If the shipper has a compliance team or designated person responsible for all carrier vetting/onboarding questions, then there is an option to remove user permission from dispatchers to change the carrier profile. Only the compliance team will be able to make changes to the carrier's profile.

If "Update Carrier Profile" user permission is unchecked, dispatchers can NOT:

  • Send any load offers to carriers without Approved status

  • Send any load offer to carriers with Blocklisted status

  • Send any load offers to carriers with Expired Insurance status

  • Add/remove any carrier profile statuses such as Approved, Preferred Carrier, Certificate Holder, Blocklisted, etc.

  • add/remove Custom External ID field value

  • add/remove Internal Attachments. View only.

  • add/remove Internal Notes. View only.

In order to change the user permissions for dispatchers, please contact your account manager or customer service representative via chat on the right corner of your screen.

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