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SuperPay - How to Begin and What to Expect
SuperPay - How to Begin and What to Expect

This article will explain everything there is to know about using SuperPay.

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What is SuperPay?

With a one-time quick setup, you can get paid from Shippers and Brokers on the same platform you use to grow your business. SuperPay allows you to receive ACH payments from Shippers on Super Dispatch without sending any paperwork or bank details.

SuperPay triggers the payment process as soon as the order has been verified as delivered and all inspection requirements have been met using the Super Dispatch Driver App. No more chasing down payments, calling Shippers for payment status, or waiting for extended periods to get paid with outdated payment methods.

How Do I Set up SuperPay?

SuperPay can be set up from the Carrier TMS or the Driver App.

You can begin this process by accepting a load offer with SuperPay as the Payment Method:

After accepting a SuperPay offer, you are then eligible to set up SuperPay within the Carrier Profile section of the Carrier TMS (found HERE) or Driver App.

What is a Micro-Transaction?

A micro-transaction is like a tiny financial handshake 🤝, confirming that your bank account is all set to join the SuperPay payments party in Super Dispatch 💳. We've teamed up with a reliable third-party payments provider to make this happen.

To give your bank account the green light and ensure it plays nicely with our partner, our system will send over three micro-transactions 💰.

Micro Transactions

To kickstart your SuperPay journey, follow these simple steps:

1. Access your Carrier Profile 🚚

2. Navigate to SuperPay

3. Click "Set Up SuperPay" 🌟

Let's get you started with ease!

Once you click "Set Up SuperPay," it's time to provide some vital business information:

- Business Name 🏢

- EIN (Employment Identification Number) 🔢

- Routing and Account Number 📊

Let's ensure a smooth setup process!

Once this information has been successfully uploaded, our system will automatically send you a series of micro-transactions. Once that is done, you will see the following message: 🎉

Important to keep in mind: The "Verify Bank Account" option will remain grayed out until the designated time for the transactions to arrive has elapsed. Please be aware that the Support Team cannot expedite this process, nor do they have visibility into the transaction amounts. It is imperative to exercise patience and wait until these transactions are reflected in your account. 🕒🔒👀

How to verify micro-transactions?

Please expect a processing time of several business hours, with the micro-transactions typically appearing in your account within 1-2 business days. Once they successfully land in your bank account, they will be displayed as follows: 🕒🏦🪙

Notice that we've sent your account 2 small deposits (a few cents each), followed shortly by a withdrawal of the sum, giving you the micro-transactions on your bank account’s ledger.

Entering the transactions

Please input the transaction amounts precisely as displayed above into the Super Dispatch SuperPay verification section within your Carrier Profile section of your Carrier TMS. 📊✅

Select Verify Bank Account:

Again, Please input the transaction amounts precisely as displayed above into the Super Dispatch SuperPay verification section within your Carrier Profile section of your Carrier TMS. 📊✅

Click on "verify," and you'll be all set! 🚀

If your micro-transaction submission was successful, your account will display the reassuring "Verified" status. However, should you encounter a validation error, please note that you have only two attempts to submit these transactions accurately. In the event of two unsuccessful attempts, kindly contact Super Dispatch Customer Support for further guidance and assistance. 🛠️📞

To delve deeper into SuperPay and access comprehensive information, we invite you to explore our Help Center, where you can find valuable insights in the following articles: 📚🔍

How Does a SuperPay Load Work?

Just looking at a load that you have accepted, the Payment Method next to the total should read as SuperPay and Payment Terms should be shown in the increments of business days.

As the load gets delivered, you will see the expected date of the SuperPay deposit.

Payment is expected on:

  • This status will give you visibility on when payment is estimated to be received in the account by the date provided. (This is estimated based on the business days available for the transaction to complete)

Payment received on:

  • This means that the Payment to the Carrier’s connected checking account is completed.

Payment on Hold:

  • There are many reasons as to why the payment could have been put on hold, but in the most recent version of SuperPay, the specific reason is not yet displayed. These will be available soon in both the Carrier TMS and Driver App, but today the exact reason for the hold on the payment is not available just yet.

  • If you see this happen, there will be a grey, circular i symbol to the right of the tag:

  • You can hover your mouse over this to get a description as to what is going on. You can also contact the shipper directly to see if there is any action they need from you as the carrier.

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Of course, if you have any questions about the SuperPay process, you can certainly contact Super Dispatch support by clicking on the chat line in the bottom right or call us at (816)974-7002!

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