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Becoming a Verified Carrier
Verified Carrier - How does Super Dispatch Monitor Carrier Compliance?
Verified Carrier - How does Super Dispatch Monitor Carrier Compliance?

This article will explain how our Compliance Team monitors our carrier packets and keep our carriers verified on the platform.

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Keeping our carrier base verified and up to date with all of the company's legal documentation is of the utmost importance here at Super Dispatch. In addition to a stellar Support Team, we also have a dedicated Compliance team that verifies, updates, and monitors carriers on a daily basis, and is dedicated to keeping Carriers up to date with their authority statuses. Here is what our Compliance team will require in order to be eligible for Verified Carrier status:

1. Carrier must provide the following information:

  • Company Name (legal entity must match all documents)

  • Company Address

  • Company Contact Information (phone & email)

  • Company In Business Since (Year)

  • USDOT #

  • Insurance Cargo Limit Amount

  • Insurance Cargo Deductible Amount

  • Insurance Policy Expiration Date

2. Carrier must upload the following documents:

W-9 Form

  • Company Name and DBA must match the account information

  • Signature and Date (date must be not older than 2 years)

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

  • Must have insurance agency contact information

  • Must have Cargo policy coverage

USDOT Certificate

  • Must be issued by USDOT / FMCSA

  • Must have a valid Motor Carrier number

3. SuperDispatch Compliance Team Review:

Confirming Company Authorization

  • Phone Call initiated to the phone number available on FMCSA

  • If no response, SMS Text is sent to the same number

  • Failure to confirm authorization will result in an automatic Decline

  • Note: confirmation must be completed from the phone number associated with FMCSA (no exceptions)

Review W-9 Form

  • Confirm Legal Entity match against the Secretary of State records

  • Must be: Active, In Good Standing, In Existence, and Operating

  • Legal Entity must match COI and USDOT records

Review Certificate of Insurance

  • Must match data and info with the third-party provider (agency, coverage, expiration, deductible, etc.)

  • If the information does not match or there is any concern then Compliance will reach out to the insurance agency to confirm and obtain COI directly from the agency.

Review USDOT Certificate

  • USDOT number must match the FMCSA database

  • Carrier must be “AUTHORIZED for Property

  • Carrier must be authorized for “Motor Vehicle” cargo

Review Reliability Assessment:

  • Compliance check (W-9, COI, and USDOT): All Carriers must have valid documents for their verification request to be accepted. If all pass the Carrier will receive appropriate scoring. Failure to pass will result in a Decline.

  • Years in Business: Carrier will earn a score for each year in business. There are no minimum years in business in order to qualify for verification.

  • Safety: Carrier will receive appropriate scoring for meeting safety standards as reported by FMCSA

  • Operations: Carrier will receive appropriate scoring for meeting operational standards as reported by FMCSA

  • Platform Ratings: Review ratings on third-party platforms for appropriate scoring. The compliance team will review the Super Dispatch rating (if available) and/or third-party platforms (if available) to appropriately score the rating. The team will also review any available feedback for certain negative keywords, such as “double-brokering”, “damage”, and “loss cargo”, etc going back to 90 days. Every negative keyword will deduct a score.

  • Results: Upon review of all the above checks, the final score will be assessed to determine if the Carrier is APPROVED or DECLINED. The final score cannot be appealed.

4. Inform the Carrier of the verification decision

  • APPROVED or DECLINED is sent by an automated system from the platform.

  • If the Carrier is Approved, the Carrier can immediately start accepting loads on the Super Loadboard.

  • If the Carrier is Declined, the Carrier can re-submit a new Verification Request after thirty (30) days.

Ongoing Monitoring Process:

After SuperDispatch has verified the Carrier, there are ongoing monitoring steps SuperDispatch takes to ensure the carrier remains verified:

SuperDispatch system checks a third-party solution daily for:

  1. Carrier Authority must be valid for “AUTHORIZED for Property”

  2. Carrier Insurance must be valid with the Cargo policy active

Failure to maintain Authority and Insurance will result in automatic or manual revocation of verified status. The Carrier will no longer be able to accept loads on the Super Loadboard.

  • In the event the Carrier’s insurance expiry date is reached and no new insurance information is provided prior to expiration, the Carrier’s verified status is automatically revoked.

  • In the event SuperDispatch receives any allegation of rules or terms violation, the Compliance team will investigate the allegation based on evidence and facts to determine if the Carrier should be revoked of its verified status.

  • If the Carrier is revoked for any of the above reasons, the Carrier may be eligible to re-submit a new request for verification.

Only Verified Carriers can request to book on the Super Loadboard, so you can rest assured that if you receive a load request from one of our carriers, they have been vetted by our team. You can still dispatch loads to carriers who have not submitted their documentation to our Compliance Team by using the Direct Load Offer process, however, we typically recommend making sure that all of the carriers you work with are vetted on some level (either by Super, or your internal team).

*Please note: Super Dispatch ONLY monitors a carrier's legal incorporation, Authority Status, and Cargo Insurance. The Verified Carrier process does NOT include performance indicators (Safety Violations, HOS, Inspections, etc.)

We always recommend Vetting your carriers as best you can, and our team is more than happy to help in this process! If you have any further questions/concerns about our Verified Carrier Status, please contact Support at [email protected].

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