Keeping our carrier base verified and up to date with all of the company's legal documentation is of the utmost importance here at Super Dispatch. In addition to a stellar Support Team, we also have a dedicated Compliance team that verifies, updates, and monitors carriers on a daily basis, and is dedicated to keeping Carriers up to date with their authority statuses. Here is how our Compliance team accomplishes this task:

  • The Super Dispatch system checks the FMCSA database daily to confirm active Carrier authority.

  • If the FMCSA confirms a lapse in Authority, the carrier' status is Revoked.

  • If Super Dispatch receives notification from the Carrier’s insurance agent of a lapse or change in insurance, Carrier’s Verified status is Revoked.

  • When Carrier’s insurance expiration date is reached and no new insurance information has been provided prior to the expiration, Carrier’s Verified status is automatically Revoked.

  • If Carrier is revoked for any of the above reasons, the Carrier will need to resubmit a new application for verification to the Compliance Team.

  • Super Dispatch also utilizes a 3rd party software to track and confirm legal incorporation.

Only Verified Carriers can request to book on the Super Loadboard, so you can rest assured that if you receive a load request from one of our carriers, they have been vetted by our team. You can still dispatch loads to carriers who have not submitted their documentation to our Compliance Team by using the Direct Load Offer process, however, we typically recommend making sure that all of the carriers you work with are vetted on some level (either by Super, or your internal team).

*Please note: Super Dispatch ONLY monitors a carrier's legal incorporation, Authority Status, and Cargo Insurance. The Verified Carrier process does NOT include performance indicators (Safety Violations, HOS, Inspections, etc.)

We always recommend Vetting your carriers as best you can, and our team is more than happy to help in this process! If you have any further questions/concerns about our Verified Carrier Status, please contact Support at [email protected].

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