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Becoming a Verified Carrier
Verified Carrier - Getting Started
Verified Carrier - Getting Started

Details about the documents that are required to become a Verified Carrier.

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Becoming a Verified Carrier will give your carrier the ability to request loads on the Super Loadboard, among many other benefits. Some benefits of having Verified Carrier status are:

By entering and uploading the following information in your Carrier Profile your account will be submitted for Verified Carrier status:

  • W9 Form (Not sure what this is? Click HERE)

  • USDOT Certificate

  • Cargo Insurance information (cargo insurance file, expiration date, cargo limit, deductible, agent name, agent phone)

If all looks good, you will receive Verified Carrier Status. You will then be able to get Load Offers directly from Brokers/Shippers using Shipper TMS and will have unlimited access to the Super Loadboard! This will also make you eligible for Instant Booking on the Super Loadboard (pending broker/shipper approval).

*Note* Effective September 1st, 2022, carriers must have Verified Carrier status on Super Dispatch to request loads via Super Loadboard. If you are not Verified, you may continue using the Carrier TMS and Mobile App and can still receive direct Load Offers from Shippers. If any Shipper has issued your company Approved or Preferred status, you may request or book loads with that shipper. However, we suggest that you maintain a Verified Carrier-approved status as most shippers and brokers prefer to work with Verified Carriers.


To get started, click on the person icon with your business name in the bottom left corner if you're on the Carrier TMS.  Select "Carrier Profile" from the available options. If you're on the mobile app, click "Profile" and then your business name to reveal the Verified Carrier document center. 

From here, you will see 4 fields to fill out:

Step 1: Fill out Carrier Information

First, fill in all required fields on your carrier profile page and click on Save.

Step 2: Fill out Cargo Insurance

Upload your Certificate of Insurance document.


  1. The company name listed on your insurance document matches the company name on your Super Dispatch account

  2. Cargo insurance coverage is included  -- usually, this is listed as "Motor Truck Cargo" or "On-hook"

  3. The policy effective date and policy expiration date must be visible and still effective (not expired)

  4. Add Super Dispatch as a Certificate Holder. This will make your verification process go by much quicker. Here is the information that you will need to give your insurance provider:

    Super Dispatch
    1617 Main St.
    Kansas City, MO

    Example of a Certificate of Insurance:

To finish Step 2, fill in all required fields for your Cargo Insurance and click Save.

Step 3: Upload W-9

  1. The company name listed on your W-9 matches the company name on your Super Dispatch account

  2. Part 1 - the Taxpayer Identification Number must be filled in

  3. Make sure the document is signed and dated

Example of a W-9:

To finish Step 3, upload your W-9 and click Save.

Step 4: Upload USDOT Certificate
Please upload the USDOT certificate that was mailed or emailed to you by FMCSA or a document showing your Operating Status is ACTIVE/Authorized for Property.

If you operate Intrastate, please upload your Motor Carrier Permit/Certificate issued by your state's Department of Motor Vehicles.

Example of a USDOT Certificate:

To finish Step 4, upload your USDOT certificate and click Save.

When you have completed all 4 steps and click Save, your application to become a Verified Carrier will be submitted! We will let you know if there are any issues with the submitted documents.


Submitting for Verified Carrier on mobile is very similar to the process above:

1. In the app, click Profile
2. Next, click the carrier name
3. From there, click all of the respective Certificates and Documents

4. Upload the files

NOTE You do not NEED to be a Verified Carrier to use Super Dispatch Carrier TMS or Mobile App. All you need to use Super Dispatch is a valid DOT #. Verified Carrier is only required to request loads from Shippers via Super Loadboard.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us using the orange chat box below or by calling us at 816-974-7002.

We are here to help! Thank you for using Super Dispatch!

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